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Nervous about visiting the dentist? Don’t worry, at Bhandal Dental Practice, we provide dental sedation to put you at ease.

Does visiting the dentist leave you feeling scared and nervous? Rest assured, at Bhandal Dental Practice we are able to provide you with medication that will put you into a relaxed state before your treatment.

Dental sedation is a relaxation technique used by our resident dentists. It differs from an anaesthetic as you will feel no pain and remain conscious throughout your treatment. Dental sedation will simply allow you to maintain a level of calm and control whilst visiting the dentist. We’ll monitor your vital signs throughout the procedure to keep you safe.

At Bhandal Dental Practice, our dentists are trained in both oral and intravenous sedation. Oral sedation means that you will take a tablet to help you relax before treatment. Intravenous sedation means that you will have an injection that takes effect more quickly. We will help you to determine if this treatment is practical and safe for you. Your dentist will also discuss the overall cost of treatment with you during your consultation.

Dentistry for nervous patients

We understand that bad experiences in the past can make it difficult to visit the dentist again. If you have a dental phobia, we’re here to help you. Dental phobia is a common condition that can prevent individuals from attending checkups and seeking treatment. Unfortunately, these actions are also likely to cause further dental problems, so it’s important to get your dental phobia under control so you can protect your oral health.

Aftercare for dental sedation

If you choose to have dental sedation, you will not be able to drive after your procedure and will need someone to accompany you home. This person should stay with you to make sure you are safe. You might feel sleepy after the sedation, so it’s a good idea to rest when you get home. The effects will wear off after a good night’s sleep.

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Patient questions

Up to half the population are believed to have some sort of fear of visiting the dentist, with 12 per cent suffering from a severe dental anxiety. This is often triggered by a bad experience in childhood. At Bhandal Dental Surgery our dentists take care to soothe any fears and use absolute care to make sure you feel confident visiting the dentist.

General anaesthetic is only used as a last resort. Patients suffering from severe anxiety can be sedated. A sedative is given to the patient by injection or drink – to induce a relaxed state that allows the patient to be treated.

While the sedation does not make you fall asleep, some people find that they drift off into a dream-like state because they are so relaxed. You will still be conscious and the dentist will be able to wake you with a tap on the shoulder if required.

The primary benefit is that the patient does not feel afraid of the procedure. However, there are additional benefits. Delta sedation can help longer procedures appear to pass much more quickly for patients. It’s also a benefit to the dentist, as a relaxed patient is far easier to work with.

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