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Does visiting the dentist leave you feeling scared and nervous? Rest assured. At Bhandal Dental Practice we are able to provide you with medication that will put you into a relaxed, calm, dream like state before your treatment.

Dental sedation a relaxation techniques used by our resident dentists. It differs from an anaesthetic as you will feel no pain, and remain conscious throughout the entirety of your treatment. Dental sedation will simply allow you to maintain a level of calm and control whilst visiting the dentist.

And there’s no need to worry – we’ll monitor your blood pressure, pulse, and oxygen levels in the blood, and heart whilst you’re under sedation.

At Bhandal Dental Practice we have trained dentists with experience over the years in both oral and intravenous sedation. The dental sedation is a part of the dental procedures performed for the unique treatment you need. Our resident dentist will discuss the overall cost of treatment with you at your consultation.

Patient questions

How common is dental anxiety?

Up to half the population are believed to have some sort of fear of visiting the dentist, with 12 per cent suffering from a severe dental anxiety. This is often triggered by a bad experience in childhood. At Bhandal Dental Surgery our dentists take care to soothe any fears and use absolute care to make sure you feel confident visiting the dentist.

Will I remain conscious while sedated?

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Very nervous patient!

I dread going to the dentist as the only memories I have is of going as a child in the late 70's/early 80's and I just seemed to have teeth pulled out & be put to sleep with a huge gas mask! Anyway, I needed 3 large fillings & as you can imagine I was really dreading going to have them done. The dentist made me feel at ease straightaway & was very calm & friendly. When I had the injections to numb my gums, I hardly felt a thing! I can honestly say that he was fantastic. I hope he doesn't leave! Thank you so much!

Visited in June 2018. Posted on 22 August 2018

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