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Private Teen Orthodontics

While orthodontic treatment is available on the NHS for those aged under 19 years old this will not meet the needs of all youngster so Bhandals offers private care for swift and comprehensive treatment.  

NHS waiting lists are up to two years for orthodontic treatment however we can schedule a self-conscious teenager in for a private consultation immediately. Parents can bring children from the age of seven to private orthodontic specialists if they believe there may be a serious problem with their teeth. Treatment can even be started before all the adult teeth are in place. Minor issues which may not be covered on NHS can also be treated in private orthodontics. 
We realise that teenagers can be particularly concerned about the impact of braces on their appearance. Private teen orthodontic care allows for the use of hidden or ‘invisible braces’.

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Our practice is CQC registered and our goal is to offer and provide the highest standard of orthodontic care to our patients at all times.

The Solutions

What does orthodontic treatment involve?

Our orthodontic clinic offers discounted youth rates for private treatments. We have a wide range of solutions including discreet and invisible braces, call today to book a FREE consultation.

Metal orthodontic braces remain a popular choice as they are highly effective in straightening teeth. These are cemented to the front of the teeth and work to straighten teeth out by applying constant pressure for between six months and two years. For a less obvious but equally effective choice there are ceramic braces, which are coloured to blend in with your teeth.
Lingual braces make another great choice for discreet braces being attached the back of the tooth to keep them out of sight.
For self-conscious teenagers there is even an ‘invisible’ option with Invisalign braces. Custom-made, nearly invisible aligners are applied to the teeth and replaced every two weeks, gradually moving teeth into the desired position.

Ortho Treatment

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When visiting our practice you are greeted by our welcoming staff, who share the same aim, to make your visit with us as comfortable and stress free as possible. We listen to your questions and concerns and our primary focus is getting all of our patients the correct treatment, which is why we offer flexible, affordable payment options.