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Gum Treatments

Gum disease is very common – it affects more than half of adults with natural teeth. It can be treated by a dentist and in the early stages the effects can be completely reversed. It is, therefore, essential that you seek treatment to prevent its progression. Symptoms include:

  • Red, Sore, or swollen gums
  • Bleeding gums
  • Loose teeth
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Bad breath
  • Gums pulling away from your teeth

Gingivitis is a response by the gum tissue to plaque building up around the necks of the teeth. If the teeth are not brushed properly, plaque will build up at the delicate junction where the teeth come through the gums. This irritates the gums and causes inflammation. They may appear red, swollen, and bleed when you brush your teeth. Gingivitis is a reversible condition, and effective cleaning will lead to health in just a couple of weeks.

The most common type of gum treatment brings together two components;

  • Oral hygiene (home care plaque control)
  • Thorough removal of plaque and calculus (tartar) from the gums. In this way, treatment targets the causes and effects of gum disease – both the bacteria initiating disease at the edge of the gum, and the bacteria progressing the disease within the gum pockets.
Patient questions

How can I avoid getting gum disease?

A good hygiene routine is the best way to protect yourself from getting gum disease. Brushing teeth thoroughly twice a day and cleaning between the teeth will remove the bacteria that can lead to plaque build up. Combine this with regular visits to the dentist or dental hygienist where any signs of plaque can be removed before becoming a problem.

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Wisdom tooth removal.

I had my lower wisdom tooth removed. To say that I was a nervous patient was an understatement. The dentist was very understanding and explained the process in stages where I could ask questions. Even though I was really panicking inside the staff had a true sense of calm and the tooth removal was quick and uneventful. I originally wanted sedation but felt confident to go without. The aftercare information was very useful. I experienced a first class service here!

Visited in February 2018. Posted on 18 April 2018

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