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Looking for a more confident smile?

In today's society, it would seem that how you look on the outside plays an even bigger role in how you feel on the inside. As well as increasing confidence we straighten teeth to create beautiful smiles and also improve the health of your teeth. Here at Bhandal Dentistry - Orthodontist Coventry, we are specialists in teeth straightening & have a range of orthodontic and cosmetic treatments.

Benefits of Orthodontics

  • Increases self confidence
  • Makes teeth easier to clean
  • Prevents abnormal tooth wear
  • Decreases headaches or neck pain
  • Restores your natural smile
  • Gives you healthier gums

We’re an Invisalign Diamond APEX Provider

We have been awarded Invisalign's prestigious Apex Diamond provider status. This means we are in the top 1% of Invisalign providers, offering premium-quality service to our customers. We have an excellent track record working alongside the Invisalign brand to deliver their innovative orthodontic treatment plan.

For expert advice and support through every stage of your Invisalign treatment, trust Bhandal Dental Practice to deliver incredible results.

Invisalign Coventry

An innovative treatment plan that straightens teeth without the need for fixed metal braces.

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Invisalign Lite

Get your dream smile in less time with Invisalign Lite, designed to fix minor imperfections.

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Invisalign Teen

Get a smile you love without the long NHS waiting lines with Invisalign for Teens.

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6 steps to
your new smile

Every patient journey is unique because we take the time to get to know you before creating your bespoke treatment plan. Here are the typical steps you can expect with dental treatment from Bhandal Dental Practice.


Free smile assessment

We offer no obligation consultation with our treatment co-ordinator.


Treatment options

We offer a range of orthodontic treatment options, including Invisalign.


Finance options

Choice of payment options and 0% finance* to keep you smiling.


Bespoke treatment plan

When you're happy to move forward, we create a treatment plan unique to you.


Progression reports

You will have regular check-ups with your orthodontist, in practice and/or online.


The smile reveal

It's time to smile! We'll provide aftercare support and retainers to keep you smile looking beautiful.

Our practice is CQC registered and our goal is to offer and provide the highest standard of dental care to our patients at all times.

What does orthodontic treatment involve?

Today, braces are better than ever thanks to the advances in orthodontic treatments. Results can be achieved with reduced treatment time and patients are more comfortable than ever before. Alongside the treatments below, we also offer Invisalign™ teeth straightening Solutions.

Orthodontic braces

Orthodontic braces are the most traditional way that teeth are straightened. Generally, you will need to wear the brace for between 6 months and two year. You will be monitored closely; we will make appropriate adjustments to ensure a desired finish. With standard braces, the brackets are cemented to the front of the teeth, which are quite uniform in their shape. If you're interested in orthodontic treatments contact our team today.

Incognito Braces Coventry

Lingual brackets

Lingual brackets are attached to the back side of the teeth. The back side of each tooth has its own unique shape – unlike the front of each tooth, which is fairly uniform among all people. We use Incognito™ Orthodontic Braces which are a unique choice because patients can smile with confidence both during and after treatment. Placed on the back side of the teeth, Incognito Orthodontic Braces are completely hidden from view. These are made with more than 60% gold.

Frequently asked questions

Orthodontic evaluations allow us to assess your tooth alignment needs and determine whether treatment is necessary. We will typically take a series of photographs, moulds, and X-rays. After all of the information is gathered, we will assess our findings and review our recommendations with you.

Yes. Since orthodontic therapy affects the full anatomy of teeth and their surrounding structures, it is essential to capture your complete oral anatomy on a full mouth X-ray. Especially in patients who are younger and may still have some of their primary (baby) teeth.

An orthodontic evaluation is required of all prospective braces patients. Your mouth must be healthy and free of active tooth decay or periodontitis. During your consultation, we will make you aware of whether orthodontic therapy is appropriate.

Conventional bracket and wire systems work similarly to one another. However, some styles of braces utilise variations to function somewhat differently than other streamlined orthodontic systems (such as lingual braces or self-ligating designs.)

Most of our orthodontic patients will require a brief visit once every other month. Depending on the needs of the individual, most cases are completed within 12-24 months.

Traditional braces are one of the most affordable types of orthodontic systems available. Your health funds may pay for part of your therapy, but financing plans are also available.

After your initial consultation, the first treatment appointment will involve placing the fixed orthodontic appliances on your teeth. Gentle conditioning and bonding agents will be used. You can plan to have your mouth propped slightly open for several minutes as the brackets are attached.

It can take a bit of time to adjust to wearing traditional braces. After several days, your mouth will become accommodated to the slight changes in your speaking patterns or eating habits. Be sure to alert us if you are ever in any pain. Additionally, some mild pressure is common after your adjustment appointments.

Cleaning around braces and orthodontic wires requires a bit of extra time and special hygiene aids. Investing in an electric toothbrush and water flosser can be extremely beneficial. We will work with you one-to-one to explain your daily oral hygiene plan.

About once every 6-8 weeks. Most visits can be completed in under half an hour.

The length of your treatment is dependent upon the extent of your tooth misalignment and how well you comply with prescribed therapies. Most people complete their braces treatments in about a year and a half.

Poor oral hygiene throughout your braces treatment can lead to demineralised enamel around your brackets. This process can create etched areas that look like white circles once your brackets are removed.

Wear your retainers as prescribed. If you have a child who completed Phase I braces (early interceptive orthodontics) they will need to be seen intermittently as their mouth continues to develop. Be aware of any pressure caused by wisdom teeth, as they could potentially move your teeth out of alignment.

Following the completion of your orthodontic treatment, we must fit you with a set of retainers to preserve your tooth spacing. Otherwise, relapse can occur. Upper retainers are typically removable, while lower retainers tend to be permanently bonded in place.

Understand the cost of orthodontics

The final price orthodontic treatment will depend on your choice of system, the number of arches to be straightened and the time required for treatment. All prices are representative and you will be given a comprehensive breakdown of your treatment cost during your consultation. 

Fixed BracesFrom £1500

Your dream smile is within reach

Spread your payments up to 10 months with 0% interest. Find out how close you are...


monthly payments


0% interest available Flexible repayment options Low cost loans Approved lending

We are happy to offer our patients 0% APR and low cost loan facilities for dental treatment such as dental implants, Invisalign and for other cosmetic dentistry treatments. Amrik Singh Bhandal trading as Bhandal Dental Practice is an Appointed Representative of Tabeo LTD which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority to carry out the regulated activity of credit broking.

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At Bhandals we have trained orthodontists who have been specialists in the field for over 10 years. When visiting our practice you are greeted by our welcoming staff, who share the same aim, to make your visit with us as comfortable and stress free as possible.

We listen to your questions and concerns and our primary focus is getting all of our patients the correct treatment, which is why we offer flexible, affordable payment options.

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