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Tips for cutting sugar intake after the Easter excess

Posted 18 April 2019 in News


There is no avoiding it; chocolate is everywhere at Easter and the massive consumption of this sugary treat will most probably give parents pause for thought.

While children will naturally want to tuck into some of the chocolate goodies on offer it is important not to let this become a habit.

With Easter treats on the shelves almost as soon as Christmas is over there is plenty of scope for tucking into these seasonal treats for months.

It is definitely best for your child’s teeth and general health if Easter treats really are kept for Easter.

From a dental point of view eating chocolate along with meals is a preferred option to snacking on it throughout the day. This is because the harmful bacteria that attacks teeth after eating sugary food can be broken down by saliva.

When the attacks are sustained throughout the day the body’s natural defences cannot keep up with demand and the saliva fails to wash away all of the harmful bacteria, leaving it stuck to the surface of the teeth where it will eventually lead to decay.

Too many sugary snacks will also lead to weight gain and can cause other health problems, so restricting sugary snacks on a day-to-day basis is a sensible option.

Tips to cut back your sugar intake

Cutting back on sugar, however, is easier said than done. In an ideal world not getting into the habit of regularly eating sugary snacks is the best solution, which makes restricting Easter eggs to the Easter holiday important.

Breaking a habit is difficult but choosing options that are appealing instead of chocolate or biscuits will really help. The following could help:

Up your intake of fruit – Fruit is sweet and tasty. It makes a good alternative for dessert and will provide the sweetness missing from sugary snacks.

Stock up on sugar-free snacks – Keping alternative snacks in the cupboard at home will stop you heading for the shops when you or the children want a snack – where there will be sugary temptations aplenty. Consider nuts, crackers, carrot or cucumber sticks, breadsticks with hummus or fruit.

Recognise triggers – a lot of snacking is due to emotional eating due to stress, feeling down or being bored. If there is an activity that helps, such as going for a walk or listening to your favourite music try that first.

While enjoying an Easter treat is to be expected make sure that devouring sugary treats does not become an everyday habit that could put your dental health at risk.

If you have any concerns about decay please make an appointment to see a dentist at Bhandal Dental Practice.

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