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Teeth whitening: Leave it to the professionals

Posted 31 May 2019 in News


The quest for a dazzling smile means that teeth whitening has continued to be a popular treatment but seeking professional help is always the best option.

With a number of different solutions available for people looking to remove staining from their teeth knowing what is effective and safe is vitally important.

Just this week the British Dental Journal has warned against using charcoal products to whiten teeth.

While teeth whitening can be available at some beauty salons this is only legal if a dental professional is present.

The main issue surrounding teeth whitening is to protect the teeth and gums during treatment, which is why it should always be carried out by a dental professional.

Why should I see a dental professional for teeth whitening?

The treatment applied when carrying out teeth whitening contains chemicals that effectively bleach the teeth. When done under the care of a dental professional a tailor-made mould will be created to fit teeth perfectly. The reason for this is prevent the formula leaking onto gums during treatment.

Without a specially made mould to hold the formula onto the teeth there is a chance that the gums and inside of the mouth could suffer burns or a reaction. 

A trained dentist will be able to discuss the treatment with you as well as any potential reactions or side effects. In addition they can assess the suitability of your teeth for whitening treatment and tell you what results you should expect to see.

Tailor-made treatment

Home teeth whitening kits are available although these generally do not benefit from patients being able to use a mould that is made specifically to fit their teeth.

Issues from tooth whitening treatments can also include sensitivity.

When it comes to your dental health it is not worth taking a chance. Make sure that your teeth whitening treatment is safe and effective by always seeking treatment at a registered dentist.

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