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Is there anything I can do about staining on my teeth?

Posted 28 March 2019 in News

Brushing Teeth

Discolouration on your teeth can really hit your self confidence but with cosmetic teeth whitening options there should be a solution that leaves you smiling with confidence.

Teeth can appear stained for a number of reasons affecting people at different stages of their life.

For many people teeth discolouration is a result of staining from food and drink, which develops over a number of years.

Teeth whitening for stains

For others though their teeth are discoloured as a result of either fluorosis or decalcification. 

In both of these cases the discolouration is apparent in adult teeth as they first appear, although decalcification can also be caused through inadequate brushing particularly when wearing orthodontic braces.

Teeth whitening for stains caused by long-term, regular consumption of dark foods and drink, such as red wine, chocolate and coffee is straight forward with a bleaching solution being applied to the teeth to lighten them.

Can you treat stains caused by fluorosis?

Treating the white spots that result from decalcification and fluorosis can prove more difficult.

Fluorosis is caused by excessive exposure to fluoride as a child, usually through using a high fluoride toothpaste when the water supply also contains added fluoride.

This does not cause any damage to the teeth but it does affect the appearance of adult teeth by leaving white or brown spots.

Decalcification can occur developmentally before birth or can be the result of poor dental hygiene or failing to brush properly when wearing braces, in these cases plaque left on the surface of the teeth causes permanent white spots.  

Treating decalcification marks

Teeth whitening would be the first choice of treatment for teeth affected by white marks caused by decalcification or fluorosis as the bleaching solution may help the marks to blend in with the lighter colour of the tooth.

In cases where the discolouration is serious and is causing concern to the patient dental veneers can be fitted.

Dental veneers are attached to the surface of the teeth to achieve a natural look and are an excellent solution to resolve problems with the appearance of teeth.

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your teeth due to discolouration or staining don’t let it damage your self-esteem instead seek the help of dental professional.

Teeth whitening should always be carried out under the advice of a trained dentist.

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