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Ideas for sugar-free snacks

Posted 24 February 2019 in News

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Despite plans to stick to a healthy diet do you find yourself reaching for the biscuit tin when the first signs of hunger strike?

Convenience means that very often the easiest snack is something that we really should be only eating occasionally.

Often a reliance on cakes, chocolate bars and biscuits has become a habit, which our body quickly gets trapped into as we crave more and more sweet food.

February saw more than one sugar-free initiative, including Cancer Research’s Sugar Free February in a bid to get the public to cut back on the sweet stuff to improve their health but despite your best intentions you may have found that snacking was a major downfall.

Do your teeth a favour and cut sugary snacks

Snacking on sugary food is particularly bad for your dental health as well as your overall health.

The best way to see off a dependence on sugary snacks is to have some delicious alternatives on hand that will fill the void.

You also need time – time that is to break a habit. General consensus points at 21 days as being the amount of time needed to form a new habit.

Once you get into the pattern of reaching for a healthier alternative it will become second nature and hopefully you will surprised at the amount of sugar you previously consumed.

Good alternatives to sugary snacks:

Crudities – Carrot sticks, cucumber sticks and mange tout all make very good on-the-go snacks. Children love eating these – we just need to keep it that way!

Fruit – Fruit does contain naturally occurring sugar but it also brings immense health benefits so tuck in.

Cheese – whether you chop up your own or take ready-to-go individual portions with you, cheese is an alkaline food, which means it will not contribute to acid erosion of your teeth.

Nuts – A really good source of natural protein and an excellent and filling sugar-free snack.

Natural yoghurt – unlike flavoured yoghurt plain natural yoghurt is sugar-free. Add in fruit if you want extra flavour.

Cooked meat – A slice of turkey or ham could be all it takes to get you through to your next meal!

Try to drink more water and herbal tea to stave off hunger attacks and to beat boredom snacking. The fewer snacks the better really as this will cut down on temptation.

Believe that you can get used to sugar-free snacking, plan ahead and give yourself time to adjust and you should find that healthy snacking becomes second nature.

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