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How To Find An NHS Dentist

Posted 4 April 2022 in News


The Covid-19 pandemic has put increasing pressure on the dental sector. Many dentists are now facing a backlog of cases which means they are unable to see new patients, particularly new NHS patients. Finding a dentist accepting NHS patients is now more difficult than before the pandemic. Many are struggling to meet the needs of their local population.

If you're looking for an NHS dentist and want to know what your options are, we have some advice on how to find an NHS dentist. As an NHS dental practice, we know the importance of not skipping routine dental care appointments or ignoring dental problems. If you're struggling to find an NHS dental appointment in your area, read on to learn the steps you might need to take.

How to find an NHS dentist in your area

If you're looking for a dentist accepting new NHS patients, your first step should be to contact the local dental practices in your area. You might need to reach out to several dental surgeries and look beyond your nearest dentist to find a dentist that can treat you.

Make sure you are clear about if you are looking for a basic routine examination or if you need urgent dental care. Since NHS dental treatment is under incredible strain at the moment, it might not be a local dentist that can treat you.

Any NHS dentist taking on new patients will often advertise this information on their website, but you may need to reach out and speak to them directly to confirm this. You can also look on the NHS website to find the dentists accepting new patients.

Failing this, you could ask friends and family for recommendations on where to turn for NHS treatment. You may already be registered with a dental practice, so make sure you speak to the last dentist to treat you before you start looking for a new NHS dentist.

How to find an emergency NHS dentist

If you have a dental emergency, don't delay seeking treatment. A dental emergency will be treated very differently from a routine dental examination. You might not need to register as a patient to access emergency dental care.

Most dental practices will set aside time in the day for emergency appointments. While you might not get the full treatment completed on the day, you should be able to get some relief from your pain and remedy work to prevent further damage. The emergency dentist should then advise you on how to access further treatment.

NHS England recommends that you call your nearest dental practice to find out if they are offering an urgent dental service. You might need to contact several dental practices before you find one with availability.

Always check that it is an NHS dental service, or you could end up paying a price well above the NHS pricing bands. If you are unable to reach a dentist, you can call the NHS 111 number for further advice and support.

Nhs Dentist Support

Support for NHS patients

NHS dental care is a lifeline for many people who might struggle to afford dental services otherwise. If you rely on NHS dental treatment, the best thing you can do is to register with an NHS funded dentist and then make sure you attend regular checkups. NHS England reccomends that

This preventative care will not only help to keep your teeth healthy but will also ensure you remain on the patient list for your dentist. Many dental practices will remove lapsed patients after a while to help make way for new patients.

So, if you want to stay on their patient list, make sure you attend your routine examinations. At least one per year is recommended, but two would be even better.

What should I do if I can't find an NHS dentist?

If you are unable to find an NHS dentist and you have the means to do so, it might be worth exploring private dental care. Many NHS dentists are now offering private dental treatment alongside their NHS services.

Private treatment doesn't have to be expensive and you can often spread the cost with a monthly payment plan. For a monthly fee, you could enjoy regular dental examinations and hygienist cleanings. You'll also have access to emergency appointment times if you experience an unexpected trauma or toothache.

Many people assume that private treatment is out of their reach because of the cost of treatments like veneers and teeth whitening, but there is a key difference between private cosmetic dentistry and private dental care.

If you are only looking for preventative care rather than further dental treatment, then the dental treatment cost might be more affordable than you thought. If you find a dentist that offers both NHS and private services, then you can mix and match to make treatment more affordable.

If you are struggling to find an NHS dentist taking new patients, then private dental services might be the best way to access qualified dentists offering quality dental care. If the alternative is to skip checkups and avoid treatment, then you could be risking your long term oral health.

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