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Does Natural Teeth Whitening Work?

Posted 3 May 2014 in News

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Sometimes, a smile is all it takes to win somebody or to bowl him/her over. Ideally, everyone strives for a dazzling white smile butthis harder to achieve than what one would have thought! It is a well-known fact that all foods and drinks which enter our mouth and comes in contact with our teeth will have an impact on the color of the teeth. While substances like wine, coffee and certain fruits can leave behind a dark stain, other substances may be milder and they may just be responsible for causing yellowing of teeth. Nevertheless, both takes you further away from your mission of getting a dazzling set of pearly whites!

What is the solution for getting white teeth? When asked this question, a lot of people would generally give answers such as to go to the dentist, getting professional teeth whitening process conducted and so on. There are less people who would recommend a natural “natural teeth whitening process” because not many people are aware of the fact that they can get their teeth whitened without chemicals or through more natural approaches.

Having one’s teeth whitened the natural way is fairly convenient because you can try out these solutions from the comfort of your house. Moreover, you can engage in them as many times as you want because they are not accompanied by a lot of side effects.

Unlike professional treatments, these are less damaging. Moreover, these are also a lot cheaper than professional teeth whitening services. On the downside, these solutions do not produce dazzling results the first time! Repeated applications are required in order to achieve the maximum effect. Because of the benefits associated with these natural teeth whitening solutions or techniques, people do not really mind the fact that they need to carry out these processes several times before they can see satisfactory results.

Stained or yellow teeth are highly unappealing and hideous to look at, and a lot of times it leads to awkwardness during professional and social encounters. Having a bright smile is a necessity but not many people can afford to go for professional teeth whitening services often. Thankfully, natural teeth whitening solutions save the day and they can be practiced in order to get brighter and whiter teeth, which automatically make your smile more appealing. Dealing with stains and yellowing of teeth is an ongoing or continuous battle but if you conduct these natural teeth whitening processes from time to time then you will be good to go!

One of the most popular natural teeth whitening solutions is to use a pinch of Sodium Bicarbonate or Baking Soda while brushing one’s teeth with regular toothpaste. If you want a more potent solution  you can mix a pinch of baking soda with very little water until it forms a smooth paste. Then, use a toothbrush to apply this paste directly on to your toothbrush and brush your teeth with it.

Keep in mind that this solution can be employed once a week only as Baking Soda is very abrasive in nature and it can cause damage to the teeth enamel when used too often. To find out more about this approach, read our article: Does Brushing Your Teeth With Baking Soda Whiten Your Teeth?

Another often-used natural teeth whitening trick is to use lemon juice on your teeth. Lemon has natural bleaching properties that would instantly brighten your teeth and make them appear whiter. You can directly rub the lemon peel across the teeth. Like Baking Soda, this solution should be used sparingly >span class="GINGER_SOFTWARE_mark">too because the citric acid in lemon juice can weaken the enamel by depleting it of the highly essential calcium, thus causing tooth sensitivity. As such, this technique should be carried out occasionally only.

One of the more unknown ways of going for natural teeth whitening is to use strawberries! This might be hard to believe because strawberries contain sugar and acid, both of which are highly damaging to the teeth, so it is hard to think of these as a savior for whiter and brighter teeth.

However, strawberries are very effective as far as natural teeth whitening is concerned, but one has to use it the right manner in order to reap the benefits. First of all, the seeds of the strawberries have to be removed because they are very abrasive and they can scratch tooth enamel. After this, you can grind the strawberries into a paste and then use this as you would regular toothpaste.. Afterwards, brush your teeth normally with toothpaste and you’ll immediately see a change in the color of your teeth!

Another highly effective way of combating yellow, stained and discolored teeth is to use a very common kitchen item – apple cider vinegar. While this method can be effective at removing stains from your teeth, it is also important not to overdo it as the acid contained in the vinegar can soften and remove the enamel on your teeth.

While natural teeth whitening solutions may work and they are highly effective but it is also important to keep in mind that one should practice good dental hygiene to avoid needing treatment. If you want your teeth to stay white then proper brushing and flossing of teeth on a daily basis is a must.

You should also follow other basic dental hygiene practices like rinsing your mouth thoroughly after each meal and avoiding direct consumption of soft drinks, coffee, wine and other drinks that can cause stains. If you must drink these then use a straw instead!

If you keep these practices in mind and apply them every day, then yellow and stained teeth will soon be a thing of the past because you will always have a bright white smile at all times due to your excellent oral hygiene!

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