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News Dentist Working

13 July 2018

How veneers could help you get the smile you always wished for

Smiles are important – they give us confidence and have a huge influence on the way we interact as human...

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News Childwithlolly

10 June 2018

Ice cream, lollies and protecting your teeth

The sun is out and summer is upon us, which for most families means demands for ice cream and lollies...

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News Child At The Dentist

14 May 2018

What to expect when your child’s permanent teeth appear

The arrival of permanent teeth is a major milestone for children – and their parents – but what should you...

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News Water Bottle

11 May 2018

Is flavoured water bad for your teeth?

Water is the dentist’s friend – free of sugar and with cleansing properties it is the ideal choice of drink...

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News Rugby

27 April 2018

Tackling the problem of sporting dental injuries

We all know about the importance of protecting our teeth from decay but what about when it comes to sport...

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News Big Smile

10 April 2018

What actually happens when you have a filling?

Fillings are perhaps the most widely understood dental treatment - but what exactly does the treatment entail? When a colleague...

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News Implant Graphic

27 March 2018

A natural finish: Why to consider dental implants

When it comes to teeth natural is best, but should the worst happen and you need to replace a tooth...

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News Easter

27 March 2018

Hatch a plan to deal with Easter excess

Easter is a wonderful time of year to enjoy with family – there’s the arrival of spring, a bank holiday...

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News Dental Check Ups Woman

20 February 2018

Periodontitis: Controlling gum disease

Gum disease is a common problem but if it is not picked up until a late stage it can become...

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4 stars

Wisdom tooth removal.

I had my lower wisdom tooth removed. To say that I was a nervous patient was an understatement. The dentist was very understanding and explained the process in stages where I could ask questions. Even though I was really panicking inside the staff had a true sense of calm and the tooth removal was quick and uneventful. I originally wanted sedation but felt confident to go without. The aftercare information was very useful. I experienced a first class service here!

Visited in February 2018. Posted on 18 April 2018

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