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Achieve natural looking improvements with dental implants

Posted 26 February 2020 in News

dental implants coventry

Many people want to make improvements to their appearance, including with cosmetic dentistry, but want to retain a natural look, which is why dental implants are a good choice. 

When making major changes to your smile it is important to patients that the finished look is natural.

This means it compliments your appearance and your existing teeth for a smooth, polished finish – and a picture perfect smile. 

Missing teeth and broken teeth can have a devastating impact on self-esteem, which makes it important to seek help from a dentist to make the changes that you want. 

Are dental implants natural looking? 

Due to the way in which they are incorporated into the mouth, and finished, dental implants will appear as one of your own teeth. This is because through the treatment they essentially become a working part of the mouth by integrating with the structure.

Dental implants are fitted into the mouth through the use of a titanium screw, which is surgically affixed into the jaw bone. Once inserted the screw is left for a period of between three to six months to allow the process of osseointegration to take place, where the screw fuses with the surrounding jawbone. 

This allows the implant to be firmly connected to the mouth, allowing for natural, integrated movement. 

Are dental implants colour-matched for a natural finish?

To complete the dental implant your West Midlands cosmetic dentist will then fit an implant crown to the screw through the use of an abutment. 

The process allows for a smooth and integrated finish, while the crown itself is carefully colour-matched to the surrounding teeth to provide as natural-looking finish as is possible.  

Dental implants are widely regarded as a go to solution for a natural-looking method to replace and repair teeth. They can be used where:

  • A tooth has been lost
  • Teeth have been lost due to gum disease
  • Gaps need filling due to restructuring to realign teeth
  • Milk teeth fail to be replaced by adult teeth

Dental implants offer an excellent, natural-looking solution to a number of problems, especially where patients are concerned about losing a tooth or are desperate to cover a gap in their smile.

Dental implant treatment in the West Midlands

If you want to make changes to the appearance of your teeth through the use of dental implants, speak to an NHS or cosmetic dentist in the West Midlands. 

Although some cosmetic treatments are not available on the NHS your dentist will be able to advise you on the steps that you need to take. 

As well as offering NHS care, Bhandal Dental Practice offers cosmetic dental treatment in Birmingham and the West Midlands. 

If you have any concerns about the appearance or function of your teeth, Bhandal Dental Practice will be able to discuss your options and advise you on the best course of action. 

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