Don’t let a dental emergency ruin your holiday

Passport? Check. Currency? Check. Teeth, erm…check?

When travelling, a dental check up should be factored in as part of your preparations, particularly if you have been suffering from a niggling concern.

One thing is for sure, a dental emergency abroad will certainly be a lot more inconvenient than a quick check-up to ensure everything is as it should be in your mouth.

Just like falling ill on holiday, a dental emergency in a different country is something you will want to avoid at all costs.

The pain of toothache can be excruciating and if it strikes while on holiday will still need to be dealt with as soon as possible. Even worse you could lose, break, or need a tooth taking out while abroad.

Your first step will be to track down a quality dentist, then get seen as soon as possible. The cost of treatment varies across the world but would certainly sink a dent into your holiday budget

Protect yourself from the off by investing in decent holiday insurance but make sure that dental care is part of the policy. The amount that you can claim will, most likely, be capped so avoidance is the best policy – make sure your check-ups are up to date before you go.

For travellers visiting Europe, the EHIC is also vital as it allows costs to be claimed back for some treatment.

Flying, travel and toothache

As well as the danger of succumbing to toothache while in resort, many travellers complain that when they have had toothache, the pressure of the air cabin when flying has intensified this.

It is possible that, as with all environment–sensitive conditions, the pressure inside the cabin when flying could cause discomfort when a passenger has a bubble of air trapped in a cavity/ filling, or is suffering from a condition that could be worsened if exposed to a change in air pressure.

At the end of the day it just is not worth taking a risk with your dental health when travelling abroad, play it safe and make sure all your routine check-ups are up to date and that any niggling pain has been looked at by a dentist.

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