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Implant Retained Dentures in Coventry

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You could soon talk, eat, laugh and smile again with the help of Implant Retained Dentures. This modern and innovative dental procedure could replace your ill-fitting and uncomfortable dentures. With just 4 dental implants, you could enjoy a full arch restoration.

Implant retained dentures use dental implants to create an anchor for your dentures. You will enjoy a natural-looking smile, a restored bite and improved facial aesthetics. To learn more about how implant retained dentures could work for you, get in touch with Bhandal Dentistry in Coventry.


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Maintain jaw bone and facial structure
Can be ‘snap-on’ removable dentures

Our practise is CQC registered. Our goal is to provide the highest standard of dental implant care to our patients at every stage in the treatment journey.

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The solution
How does it work?

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Implant retained dentures offer an alternative to dentures. The journey starts by placing 4 dental implants for each arch. These small titanium roots will then bond with the jaw bone in a process known as osseointegration.

Once healed, an abutment is placed on the implant to create an anchor point for your denture. This anchor can be permanent, or provide a ‘snap-on’ solution, allowing you to remove your dentures to care for them.

Your new teeth will look and feel just like real teeth. You will be able to eat your favourite foods, laugh with confidence and say goodbye to sore spots and pressure points. Implant retained dentures also help to preserve bone mass in the jaw, which can help to maintain a youthful facial structure. 

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Our specialist dental implant suite at Bhandal Dental Practice in Coventry is equipped to provide excellent patient care from start to finish. Throughout the dental implant journey, we will keep you informed and in control. 

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